Submission Guidelines

We’re excited to share writings from various authors in The Homeschooler. Families who’ve chosen this option for educating their children are looking for a place to find inspiration, ideas, and support. If you’re a writer, and you think you have something to offer, please do not hesitate to contact the Managing Editor.

The Homeschooler is looking for articles that represent the diverse variety of how homeschoolers are learning out in the real world.  Often, we prefer more philosophical articles about what homeschoolers have seen and what influences them.  That being said, if you have an idea, we’re always open to listen!

We welcome your submission of articles on the following topics:

      • What you’ve learned by homeschooling your child
      • How children learn
      • What is important to learn?
      • How can learning be enhanced and supported?
      • Innovative ideas about progressive education
      • Articles demonstrating interesting ways of homeschooling
      • Programs available for kids: internships, mentorships, apprenticeships
      • Supportive articles for parents, especially mothers
      • Encouraging articles from veteran homeschooling parents
      • Examples of children following their passions
      • The role of hobbies, pastimes, play and recreational activities
      • Grown homeschooler articles reflecting how homeschooling helped them get to where they are today
      • Testing: pros & cons
      • Transcripts and record-keeping ideas
      • Community involvement
      • Incorporating the arts
      • Learning to read
      • Scientific thinking
      • Vocational skills
      • Parents as teachers
      • Traveling as a homeschooling family
      • Seasonal advantages
      • Book Reviews
      • Product Reviews
      • Photographs
      • Original Artwork
      • More ideas? Send them our way!
Other Specifics…
Our distribution is expanding, so topics should appeal to a wide geographic readership. We strive to include articles that make our readers feel positive about homeschooling and inspire them to learn new things.
Please, no advertisements disguised as articles. If you have a product or a website, mention it in your bio-line.

Submissions are accepted by email in Word format. Please single space between lines, single space between sentences, left adjust, single return between paragraphs and submit in 12-point Times New Roman font for ease of editing.

Please do not exceed 1000 words, unless pre-arrangement is made with the editors. It is highly encouraged that articles be accompanied by standard .tiff or .jpg format images at the highest resolution possible (300 dpi or larger). Please send images as attachments, and include proposed captions identifying sites and people, as well as photographer.

Articles may be edited for clarity or length. Our style sheet is available upon request.  Contributors are not paid.  Editors will determine what is published, so we offer no guarantee of usage.
The Homeschooler requests that the article be first run in our publication (not previously published elsewhere) and we ask that the author refrain from posting it on their blog or elsewhere for 3 months after publication (when the next issue is out).

If the copyright for an article or picture is held by a third party, please include written permission from the copyright holder. The Homeschooler prefers 
First North American Serial Rights (print and electronic) of all articles, columns, artwork and photos, meaning it has not been published elsewhere first. The Homeschooler retains the rights to use your content in reprints of anthologies or collection of articles at a later date with your byline always included. All rights not specifically stated here, or not directly related to The Homeschooler, including second serial rights, or magazine and other reprint rights, remain yours. .